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Central Pasien Monitor Mindray

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# Central Pasien Monitor Mindray

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Deskripsi Central Pasien Monitor Mindray

Central Pasien Monitor Mindray

HYPERVISOR VI Central Monitoring System provides a complete solution for LAN, wireless LAN, and Telemetry networking in hospitals. Combining effective and flexible monitoring with sophisticated clinical support tools and intuitive user interface, HYPERVISOR VI improves working efficiency and helps you to provide better care for patients. Based on a Microsoft Windows platform, using HYPERVISOR VI requires no additional computer expertise.

Termasuk Layar monitor, CPU server dan software

COmpatible untuk semua jenis pasien monitor merk Mindray, seperti type Mec 1000, Umec 10 imec series, beneview dan lainnya 5 310

Hanya untuk semua jenis pasien moitor merk Mindray, Central monitor pasien monitor ini.

Additional features include

· Capable of monitoring 32 patients, expandable to 64 patients with one Central Monitoring Station
· Multiple CMSs can be interlinked, and patients within one CMS can be viewed from any other CMS with proper authorization
· CMS viewer enables you to view patient information from a personal computer in your office, or anywhere within the network
· Clinical support tools include real-time trend display, tabular and graphic trend review and calculation tools
· Up to 72 hours of full disclosure waveforms over 256 channels, which can also be changed to 240 hours over 64 channels
· Screen layout and functionality can be customized according to your clinical requirements
· Bi-directional control improves the efficiency of care teams
· Dedicated HL7 data output to a hospital’s Clinical Information System
· ADT interface makes patient admission, discharge and transfer more convenient

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